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RCI – RO Projects

02/2017 United Ship Service Corp, scheduled to complete the 2nd, 3rd & 4th vessels during the month of February for RCI reverse osmosis. Scheduled: Mariner – 2/13 Voyager –¬† 2/28 Adventure – 2/25

USS Sub-Contraction

01/30/2017 Another project, USS will take on is Norwegian Sky for CCTV installation. Their is a total of three projects to be completed by 01/30/2017. Also, USS has been sub-contracted by Surveillance International for Dry Dock work on Norwegian Pearl for CCTV installation. Their will…

USS 2016 Holiday

12/15/2016 Very Warm Wishes from your Partners at United Ship Service. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday sharing it with family, friends and loved ones. United Ship Service will be closed for the observance of the Christmas holiday Monday, December 27 and Monday, January…

Liberty Dry Dock

12/1/2016 -12/15/2016 Liberty Dry Dock contract United Ship Service 9 contracts on electrical and mechanical projects. Throughout the ship, all cables were re-routed and replace while upgrades were made to all equipment’s and power lines including redesign the drains.

Royal Caribbean International

12/1/2016 – In Progress RCI- This project consist of life raft upgrades and rescue boat Davit repairs. Also installation of 2 new life stations on the vessel¬† & 2 new life vest boxes. The purpose of the life rafts are to provide a life saving…

NCL Regent Voyager Dry Dock

10/15/2016 -11/9/2016 NCL Regent Voyager Dry Dock completed a cabling project throughout the ship. Cables were pull and terminated of 180 lines and after installation certification of and test reports displaying all checkpoints are successful.

New Building Expansion

07/10/2014 – 10/3/2016 New Building Expansion. United Ship Service, Corp. announce in October the opening of the expansion of the new office. United Ship Service, Corp. will develop the building behind the main office on 57th Avenue. Both buildings will be used to house up…

The World- Data & Network Cabling

04/26/2016 – 05/15/2016 The World was completed mid of May 2016. The project involved a comprehensive upgrade to the internet. Fiber Optic data cabling allow signals of communication to channel quicker using a higher bandwidth, while producing stronger signals and travels farther than using copper…