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CCL Valor- Chiller Replacement

04/23/2016 – 05/8/2016 CCL Valor project was completed on May 2016. This project involved disconnection of previous cables to rerun the new power, replacement of the AC compressor 3 & 4 and installation of the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive).

RCI Freedom of the Seas- Fire Structural Repairs

8/9/2012 – 3/27/2016 RCI Freedom of the Seas- USS was called for an emergency due to fire damage on the port side engine casting decks twelve through fifteen in the funnel area. Decks twelve through fifteen were rebuilt and approved by DNV drawings. This included…

Key Project Professionals Complete Training

03/22/2016 -03/23/2016 All Project Managers and Supervisors were enrolled in the Microsoft Project training to get certification. The purpose of this training was to provide information and awareness of different tools and features used on Microsoft Project and to ensure all staff members were certified…

CCL Magic Cable Redundancy- 4th Contracted Vessel

1/24/2016 – 3/5/2016 CCL Magic contracted their 4th cable redundancy. This project will be completed throughout the engine room and the cable redundancy installation consisted of rerouting/ installing of cable ladder/ trays, penetrations and cables for essential systems in the engine room. Electrical test using…

RCI Freedom of the Seas- New O3b Antenna & Fiber Terminations

2/7/2016 -3/3/2-16 RCI Freedom of the Seas- Completed on March 2016, consisted of rigging, crane lift and mounting of three O3B antennas. This will increase data capabilities and lower latency related to internet speed of the vessel. In turn, this solution would enable passengers to…

CCL Splendor Cable Redundancy- 3rd contracted vessel

1/3/2016 – 3/20/2016 CCL Splendor- completed on March 2016, Cable Redundancy project on CCL Splendor was a success. Major cable system, trays, and penetrations were re-routed to contain and limit any damage in case of a fire. Installation was  turnkey including testing and labeling of…